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005 | Day-Of Coordination with Bree Ryback of Capitol Romance

Day-Of Coordination with Bree Ryback of Capitol Romance

Welcome to the fifth episode of Put A Ring On It Podcast. In today’s episode, Bree Ryback of Capitol Romance talks all about wedding planning, specifically day-of coordination, and why every couple REALLY and TRULY deserves it. There is also a brief interlude that involves some major geeking out on Harry Potter.

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Meet Bree

Bree Ryback is the editor and founder of the DC wedding blog Capitol Romance. Not only has she achieved Danielle’s lifelong dream of having her house featured on Houzz, but this gal is also one stand-up wedding coordinator. Bree just celebrated her five-year anniversary to her main squeeze, Andy, and they have one pumpkin of a little girl who is just positively adorable.

The Anti-Boring Wedding Planning Podcast: Day-Of Coordination with Bree Ryback of Capitol Romance (Put A Ring On It Podcast)

photo cred: Sarah Lee Williams

So we’re talking with Bree today because Danielle is one of her several thousand followers on Twitter and has had the pleasure of getting to know her throughout the years and absolutely LOVES her approach to wedding days. We thought she would bring something extra special and unique and we’re truly honored to have her here!

We talked about:

  • Bree got hitched back in 2010 and started her blog, Capitol Romance, to help rad couples meet equally rad wedding pros, and then evolved into a practical wedding coordinator.
  • Bree identifies more as a “wedding coordinator”, “wedding consultant” or “wedding concierge” vs. a wedding planner. (Which is very similar to Danielle)
  • A venue coordinator’s job is to focus on the needs of the venue, first and foremost. Not all venue coordinators are the same, but most don’t cover all of the items an independent planner/consultant does. They act more as sales managers or catering managers, and some aren’t present on your wedding day. They don’t traditionally oversee any events of the day that do not take place on-site (like getting ready, photos, or even your ceremony).
  • Day-Of Coordinators give couples the support to make the day and/or weekend go smoothly. This includes giving advice, creating and driving a timeline, talking with your pros, and making sure all of your details are covered.
  • Day-Of Coordination starts WAY before the actual wedding day – often weeks or even months in advance.
  • Bree’s favorite part of the day: VOWS!!!
  • Don’t worry about incorporating
  • Bree’s advice for couples: hire professional vendors.
  • Bree had the best wedding day ever, but will never forget the one hiccup that happened…

Harry Potter Interlude

  • Bree’s favorite book –> BOOK THREE: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Bree went backpacking through Europe just before the final book was released and brought ALL SIX books in her backpack so she could re-read them before it came out!
  • BOOK ONE: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is FULL of awesome foreshadowing!!

Key Takeaways

  • Always leave extra room in your timeline!
  • You do you.
  • It’s about compromise and finding a nice balance of showcasing you and your partner’s personalities and keeping the focus on your guests.
  • Hire professionals who know what they’re doing!!
  • No day-of coordinator should just show up on a wedding day without any prep.

“There’s no police. There’s nobody that’s going to come knock down your door and say ‘What are you doing?!? You have to wear a veil!!!’”

Links Mentioned

Fun new reviews from iTunes listeners:

They go way beyond the basic planning information repeated over and over again in wedding blogs and magazines to provide really practical tips and ideas.”


“I am in love with this podcast!!! The two hosts provide a diverse outlook on questions and topics… NO FLUFF over here!”


Thank you!!!!

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The Anti-Boring Wedding Planning Podcast: How To Pick Your Wedding Pros (Put A Ring On It Podcast)

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