Reinterpreting Weddings with Kathryn Hamm, publisher of GayWeddings.com

It’s the sixth full episode of Put A Ring On It Podcast. We are BEYOND humbled to have Kathryn Hamm, publisher of GayWeddings.com, talking with us about same-sex weddings and reinterpreting what you see in the blogs and magazines in the wedding world. She helps to break down the core of wedding planning, ways you can personalize your wedding day, and how to be more inclusive of all communities.


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“I think it’s really important for everyone to have the opportunity to create a wedding ritual that’s meaningful to them and a celebration of the day that is about them and not necessarily about what wedding planners want, or what family members want, or what they think that the blogging world expects from them. That what’s really powerful is a very authentic expression of who you are.”

– Kathyrn Hamm
The Anti-Boring Wedding Planning Podcast: Reinterpreting Weddings with Kathryn Hamm, publisher of GayWeddings.com (Put A Ring On It Podcast)

About Kathryn:

Kathryn Hamm is the publisher of GayWeddings.com, which is not only an interactive planning resource but also offers community forums, free planning articles and the most comprehensive wedding vendor directory available to same-sex couples.

Kathryn also writes, speaks and consults on why same-sex weddings are meaningful and WHY MARRIAGE MATTERS. She’s written articles for the Huffington Post and she is considered a valuable resource for media outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and CNBC.

Kathryn also recently co-authored a book with photographer Thea Dodds titled The New Art of Capturing Love.

What we talked about:

  • There are over 120,000 LGBTQ-friendly wedding pros currently listed on GayWeddings.com for couples in planning mode
  • The results of a Spring 2015 survey showed that 96% of pros were ready to work with same-sex couples
  • Talk to your pros, whether you’re a same-sex or straight couple, about being more inclusive of ALL couples in their language, contracts, questionnaires, website, ads, etc.
  • Be open with your wedding photographer. If they’re posing you in positions that don’t reflect you, or you find yourself putting YOURSELF in weird poses, say something. Show your authentic relationship how it feels comfortable to you.
  • To many straight couples, the marriage license isn’t much of a big deal or just a “check” off the list. For many same-sex couples, the license is the WHOLE deal.
  • We should all be more inclusive of both partners and not just speak to the stereotypical “Bride”
  • Talk with your partner about your “non-negotiable” and your mission statement for your wedding
  • Mixed-gender wedding parties are a great new “trend” that will last far beyond 2016
  • In 2014, 71% of straight weddings were dividing their wedding parties based on gender. In comparison, 86% of same-sex couples were NOT dividing their wedding parties based on gender
  • Couples are starting to include their pets more in their wedding parties, too – 1-in-10 actually!!!
  • Don’t be afraid to break the “rules” of wedding traditions to fit your style and personalities

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The Anti-Boring Wedding Planning Podcast: Reinterpreting Weddings with Kathryn Hamm, publisher of GayWeddings.com (Put A Ring On It Podcast)

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