Owning your “Wedding Budget”

It’s the second to last episode of season one of Put A Ring On It and in this show we’re talking about your wedding budget. We share our personal experiences, how to budget, how to negotiate with your pros, and much more.


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What we talked about:

  • Our personal experiences with setting a budget and what happens
  • The extra amount you should plan for for any miscellaneous items of your budget and what those miscellaneous items might be
  • How much you should budget (HINT: It’s not what The Knot tells you to budget)
  • Ways to negotiate with your pros to better fit your REALISTIC budget
  • How to avoid relative terms and figure out your own level of what’s “affordable”
  • The best conversation to have when planning your wedding and what NOT to assume
  • Working through your due dates of payments and some ideas to make it easier on the checking account

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