Top 15 Wedding Regrets

We are NEVER ones to say what you “must” do for your wedding, but there are some common things that couples look back on and wish they’d done differently. In episode 32, we talk through the top 15 wedding regrets couples have and discuss why you may or may not want to do them for your wedding.


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What we talked about:

  • The vendors that couples wish they had hired
  • Woes on wedding budgets and priorities
  • The common mistakes couples make when building their wedding timeline
  • What a Wedding Day “Time Out” is and when to take it (and WHY you should plan for one)
  • Not putting enough thought or energy into the two least thought about aspects of your wedding weekend
  • What many couples wish they didn’t do on their wedding day – or did less of
  • Also, what many couples wish they did MORE of on their wedding day
  • The people you should plan to thank
  • Whether you should tackle any DIY projects

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