Putting Your Own Spin On Wedding Traditions

In episode 33, we talk about some popular American wedding traditions and why you should or shouldn’t consider them for your wedding. We obviously talk about WHY we like or dislike certain traditions and go through some alternatives that may be better suited for you.


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What we talked about:

  • Should your Dad walk you down the aisle?
  • Some alternatives to Parents Dances
  • The Garter and Bouquet toss – and why you should probably NOT do this
  • Cake, cake and cake – To smash or not to smash? To have or not to have?
  • Our (disagreeing) thoughts on the couple seeing each other before the ceremony
  • Modern twists on having a “Wedding Party”
  • Avoiding sexist phrases like “Who gives this woman to be married” (and the proper term for a “group” of goats)
  • Seating friends and family at your ceremony and reception
  • Introductions: Who and How

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