Small, Random Wedding Details That You Don’t Want To Forget

It’s easy to go down your wedding checklist of things and make sure you’ve got all your BIG details in place. Some small wedding details can rarely be found on a list but while they might be tiny, they can have a big impact to your day (in the best way possible). We took eight small (ish) things and shared why you might want to consider them to take your day to whole other level.


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We talked about:

  • Making a “Getting Ready” playlist including some fun ideas and what not to forget
  • Signage and why it helps with your guest experience
  • The many, many ways to show your appreciation (big AND small) to the many people involved in your day
  • Fun ideas to keep any children attending your wedding entertained on their level
  • An extra touch for your guests to enjoy before your ceremony begins
  • Packing a day-of “emergency” bag and what to include
  • Clothing that ISN’T your official wedding attire, but will still need for before and after
  • Making a plan for what happens when your wedding is over

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