8 Big Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

We never believe in the “cheap” approach. But we do believe there are tried-and-true ways to save in some big ways as you plan your wedding. Many of these are beneficial if you’re in the early stages of planning a wedding, but we packed tips in to help couples at all stages.


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We talked about:

  • The BIGGEST and #1 factor that affects your total budget
  • Why your budget is important and how to use your priorities to make decisions
  • The best vendor to hire to save yourself money
  • What to consider when choosing your venue
  • Opting to get married any day but Saturday
  • Why where your lodging is matters so much
  • What having an “off-season” date could mean for your budget AND your guest experience
  • Some specific areas where we DON’T recommend trying to save money

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