Some of the Craziest and Most Amazing Things We’ve Ever Seen At Weddings

It’s the final episode of season six and we’re sharing some of the craziest and most amazing things we’ve ever seen at weddings. It’s a lot of feel-good moments. Danielle definitely cries and even shares what happened when the church started the wedding before the bride arrived!


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We talked about:

  • Both of our favorite “end-of-night” moments that have stuck with us from years ago
  • A super-fun thing that a couple did right after they tied the knot
  • The time Danielle turned a clothing store into a reception in under 2.5 hours
  • A private moment Dan witnessed that will absolutely touch your hearts
  • Something that made Danielle cry (not that that’s hard to do)
  • The time that Dan was the first one to join the bride on a dance floor
  • Our plans for Season 7 when we come back on November 19th!

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