Feel Better In Your Body with Hanna Sender of Bride and Bliss

Hanna Sender of Bride and Bliss is today’s guest co-host and we’re talking all about how to feel better in your body. There is a lot of pressure when you get engaged to “look” your best, but we talk about how you can use your wedding at a great catalyst to make some healthy lifestyle shifts and what those shifts might look like.


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We talked about:

  • How much of getting healthy is nutrition and how much is exercise
  • Why there aren’t many “one size fits all” tips when it comes to what to eat
  • How to deal with stress eating
  • How much time to give yourself to see a positive change from your new choices
  • How to maintain a healthy diet while also attending your shower, engagement party, and so on
  • What to do when you fall off the wagon and make a not-so-great choice
  • And our favorite apps for at-home yoga

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