How to Set Boundaries While Planning Your Wedding with Berlyn Martin

Wonderful friend and wedding planner, Berlyn Martin of Berlyn Events and Design shares her tips on how to set boundaries while planning your wedding. We discuss how to establish boundaries, practical tips on navigating questions from friends and family, add how to enlist the help of others. This is a great episode if you’ve got someone (or a few someones) in your life that might be adding to your stress levels in an unhealthy way.


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We talked about:

  • Why it’s important to set boundaries as you plan your wedding
  • Where it all starts
  • How to establish boundaries with your immediate family
  • How to navigate tricky questions from friends and family members
  • When and how to enlist the help of others
  • Ways you can establish some boundaries with your wedding vendor team
  • What to do when someone crosses a line and breaks that boundary with you

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