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Daniel Moyer

Co-Host, Wedding Photographer

Daniel Moyer is the owner and highly-awarded photographer of Daniel Moyer Photography. He’s based locally near the Philadelphia area but has traveled worldwide to shoot many amazing weddings.


Dan is a self-proclaimed “smitten husband” to his amazing, book-nerd, analytical, gorgeous, math-loving, super supportive wife, Rachel.

Along with his wife, he loves all things Harry Potter and even planned their honeymoon around HP World at Universal Studios.

He has two ginger-haired cats, Fred and George, named after the Weasley twins.

They live in a quirky 100-year-old home and love hosting a good party.

They eat at Olive Garden, way too often.

He is a Fearless-awarded photographer.

He has won ten Top 20 awards through the ISPWP.

He has photographed weddings internationally in Germany, Jamaica, and Mexico.

He loves his couples.

photo by Daniel Moyer Photography

Danielle Pasternak

Co-Host, Wedding Planner

Danielle “DPNAK” Pasternak is the owner and lead wedding coordinator of DPNAK Weddings, an award-winning wedding consulting and coordination company based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Whenever possible, Danielle loves eating in the kitchen of restaurants.

She really, really loves Harry Potter and often has a wand in her purse.

She has an insanely sensitive soft spot for baby animals.

Danielle is madly in love with her best friend and partner, Michael.

The color yellow will always, always make her smile. Unless it’s an ugly yellow. 

In 2009, she took a 41-day cross-country road trip. It was life changing and what prompted her to start her company.

She achieves #inboxzero (or very close) most days.

She’s one of the most impatient and high-energy people you’ll ever meet.

In 2015, Danielle was listed as one of the “Top 26 Most Influential United States Wedding Planners on Facebook“.

photo by Daniel Moyer Photography